Ethiopanorama is established by a group of Ethiopian patriots who are passionate about press freedom and civic liberties. Our objectives are far reaching and revolve around promoting and protecting freedom of thought and freedom of expression. While these may sound mammoth objectives to be achieved through the effort of a few persons, we would like to emphasize that our intention is aspirational as much as it is practical. The Free press in general, journalists and internet bloggers in particular, are severely persecuted in today’s Ethiopia. It is our understanding that ours combined with the efforts of other patriots could partially makeup for the lack of free press at home. We aspire on a microcosm scale to demonstrate what a free media outlet should feel and look like.

We are committed to provide a forum for information sharing and provide opportunities for hosting the flow of unrestricted opinions and ideas. We welcome national and international debates and discussions on a variety of spheres including, cultural, political, philosophical, social etc..

As we write these lines we notice that Ethiopian identity is under assault, the glory of our ancestors is diminished and the destiny of the country is uncertain. We encourage readers and writers visiting this site to mount a strong counter current that could fend off the assault on the one hand and defend the integrity and sovereignty of our country on the other. We are open to entertain all forms of debates, but our commitment to Ethiopia and our loyalty to our people are not negotiable.

Well come to our site.


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